Brisbane Tongue Tie Clinic - Dr Helen Fung
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At Brisbane Tongue Tie Clinic, we specialise in tongue ties and lip ties. It’s important for babies to develop good breastfeeding habits as early as possible. That’s why we aim to book your appointment within a few days from contacting us. We can undertake both consultation and procedure during the same appointment, and typically no follow-up appointments or check-ups are required.

In the procedure, the tongue tie is clipped with sterile blunt ended scissors to free the tongue to allow full range of motion. The procedure only takes less than a second, with no anaesthesia or stitches required. You are free to stay in the same room during the procedure, and your baby will be ready to breastfeed immediately afterwards. The procedure is a relatively painless, with some babies even staying asleep through it. Typically, there is no need for painkillers, with babies settling very quickly with breastfeeding and cuddles.
Dr Helen Fung has extensive experience in all aspects of paediatric dentistry, and has worked in both private and public clinics during her career. Before moving to Brisbane, Helen has worked the last eight years at the Westmead Centre for Oral Health, a leading oral health teaching hospital, where she both taught and provided an extensive range of comprehensive and specialist dental treatment, including performing hundreds of tongue tie procedures.

As a mother to a small baby, she also understands how challenging and rewarding motherhood can be, and is passionate about helping mothers experiencing difficulties due to their babies’ tongue and lip ties. You can read more about Helen’s personal journey to motherhood and breastfeeding from our Blog.

Qualifications and professional memberships:
- Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry (Paediatric Dentistry)
- Bachelor of Dental Surgery
- Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons
- International Association of Paediatric Dentistry
- Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry
- Australian Dental Association