Brisbane Tongue Tie Clinic - Dr Helen Fung
P.  07 3398 5886
412 Old Cleveland Rd,
Coorparoo QLD 4151
[email protected]
Brisbane Tongue Tie Clinic specialises in tongue and lip ties. We know how frustrating breastfeeding problems can be, and encourage mums to seek help as early as possible. We aim to book your appointment within a few days from the first contact, and can undertake both consultation and procedure during a single appointment.
The actual procedure takes less than a minute, and your baby will be ready to breastfeed immediately after the procedure. Typically, no pain relief is required during or after the procedure, and the site heals in just a few days.

We thrive in quality and take every step to make your appointment as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our breastfeeding rooms are decorated to create a warm, homelike feel, while ensuring cleanliness and functionality. The rooms are soundproofed, air-conditioned, and have facilities for breastfeeding and nappy changing.